About Zarina Mendoza

It’s pronounced [zuh-ree-nuh] but you can call me, Z. And before you ask me what my name means, let's turn to the internet.


Urban Dictionary A female with the most intense personality. A socially active individual, with sets of perpetual friends. She always finds something to talk about. (She can never stop talking... EVER). Most likely to end up famous.

Russian definition Noun. (Derived from czar or czarina) An empress and/or princess of Russia.

Muslim meaning Of gold. Golden.

Wiktionary A female given name.

Spanish translation Did you mean Marina?

...well, they're not wrong.

Moving on.. here are the places I've grown as a writer and a ping-pong extraordinaire.

HAVAS CHICAGO  Copywriter  |  2018 - Present
ENERGY BBDO  Jr Copywriter  |  2016 - 2018
MULLEN LA  Creative Intern  |  Summer 2015
180LA  Creative Intern  |  Spring 2015
SAATCHI & SAATCHI LA  Creative Intern  |  Summer 2014
ART CENTER  BFA Advertising  |  2015
FIDM  AA Visual Communications  |  2012